The place where it all begins!

You will find a quick run down of the server rules, some useful commands for server links and a couple of handy NPCs around the spawn, such as Bonus Bill who will deal out your daily log in bonuses! There may even be some hidden features about if you look hard enough!

Survival and Survival Nether

These are the worlds you will likely spend the majority of your time playing in (for the non-creative players among us)!

It is in these worlds that you can build your homes or band together to build towns and nations! Bare in mind that grief is allowed - if you are not part of a town your stuff may be griefed/stolen so make sure to hide/lock up your valuables!

It is also in these worlds that you can set up your own player shops to sell things to other players for some extra income!

Make sure to use the Resources world for mass material gathering, to keep the Survival worlds as clean and destruction free as possible!

All nether portals built in the Survival world will link to the Survival Nether specifically - note that the scaling has been edited (default Nethers are 1:8 in scale compared to their linked overworld, the Survival Nether is 1:2).

Resource and Resource Nether Worlds

These worlds are entirely for the purpose of gathering materials for your Survival builds/shops etc… and as such have little protections in place compared to the Survival worlds (no Town claiming, no explosion protection etc…).

Do not build in these worlds or leave valuables lying around (such as beacons) - the worlds will be reset once a fortnight so there will never be a shortage of the materials you need!

All nether portals built in the Resource world will link to the Resource Nether specifically - note that the scaling has been edited (default Nethers are 1:8 in scale compared to their linked overworld, the Resource Nether is 1:4).

The End

You can access the End from any end portal/stronghold found in the Resource world! (There is no End world linked to the Survival worlds).

Do not build in this world - it is reset once every 2 weeks to bring back the dragon for you to have another go at bagging the dragon egg (you cannot summon new dragons via End Crystals as you can in singleplayer/Vanilla), and to reset resources and end cities!

Please note that the End is only open for one week at a time!
For example if the End resets and opens today it’ll be open for one week, and then it’ll close and be inaccessible for a week until the next reset.

Please also note:
If you are one of the last 3 players to have killed the Ender Dragon the End will remain locked to you for 1 hour extra when it opens for everybody else, to allow someone else a chance to take the dragon on! Once that hour lifts it’s fair game again!


Here our players are free to use Creative mode and WorldEdit to their disposal - once you get to the relevant player levels to do so. You are able to build massive builds here and really show off your skills in our 200x200 block plots. This world is grief protected and you can only build inside your own plots and plots you have access to.

As a new player you will have access to go to the Creative world but you will only be able to build on plots owned by someone else who has given you access to use their plot (and you won’t be able to use WorldEdit). When you reach player level 5 you will be able to claim your own plot, and player level 10 you will then be able to use WorldEdit on your plot.