Basic Teleportation

To teleport to another player you must request it with the /tpa [playername] command to go to them, or /tpahere [playername] for them to come to you. The player it is aimed at can then accept it with /tpaccept to allow the teleportation, deny it with /tpdeny, or simply ignore it!

Please do not spam people with tp requests - if they have denied it or said no then this will be treated as harassment



You can also set up to 3 homes for your own private teleportation spots!

The End and the Nether

To get to the Nether build a nether portal as normal - Survival world only!.

To reach The End, find an end portal in the Resource World. The end is reset every 2 weeks.

Player Shop Teleports

You can use various commands to allow others to teleport to your shop and to add your shop to a list of advertised shops.


Shop adverts will last till the end of the month, regardless of when you buy it, as the adverts will wipe on the 1st of each month. If/when the plugin devs adds timed adverts their end I’ll use that instead but for now it’s an all or nothing advert wipe and I’d rather keep inactive shops out of the list.

The above commands are just masks that are a bit easier to remember/write - the normal commands are /pshops <blah> <blah> <blah>, and /pshops help will list all of the above.