List of Server Staff






Reporting Issues/Contacting Staff

If you find grief and want to know who did it (whether that be so you can get your own back - in a civil manner - or to know who to boot from your town) you can do so by standing next to the grief and doing /grief [message]. When staff have checked this they will let you know (they will /mail you who it was if you were not online at the time). If you wish to report an issue - such as a bug, missing perms or even report a player for something, please use the /report [message] command.

Always do as staff tell you - if we ask you to calm down, or take an argument to /msg etc… please do so. Ignoring us will result in punishment such as a mute or even a ban. If you do get banned at any time you can appeal on the forums’ Ban Appeals section for the ban to be lifted!

Suggesting new features

You can visit our forums to suggest new features for the server! Or you can drop suggestions in the #server-suggestions channel on our Discord (linked at the top of the page).