General Clarifications To Keep In Mind

Just because you can do something in Vanilla Minecraft/singleplayer does not mean it is okay on the server. Mega farms may be something you can make in singleplayer/Vanilla for example, but this is a multiplayer server where a lot of people will have their games ruined if everybody has stupid amounts of money/skills/items and the economy is ruined.

As a general rule of thumb, ontop of the below rules, use some common sense. Just because something is not explicitly stated on here does not mean it is okay - if it may possibly fit into one of our rules then it is likely not okay. If you’re not sure about something then check with staff first.

And while there is a list of the general guidelines for the punishments we will give for rule breaking - this is ultimately down to staff discretion at the time. For example they are way more likely to give harsher punishments for someone who comes on and starts breaking rules immediately (whether they’ve read the rules or not, as you have no excuse not to know the rules of the server you’re playing on), than if an older player slips up and breaks a rule by accident even if it was the same rule broken.

Unenforced Rules and Suggestions:


Griefing is allowed. However - it is asked that you do not go pointlessly overboard with it.

For example if you see someones house in the wilderness in an area not claimed by a Town - and therefore can be griefed - don’t demolish the entire structure and take everything they owned. If you want to break in and see if any chests are unlocked and lootable carry on but you don’t need to destroy everything - when that player comes back they should be able to rebuild without having to do so entirely from scratch.

Though in general this is not an enforced rule, just what we would ask of our players. If you’re playing on a Survival/Semi-Survival server you should expect this and protect your things as well as possible (ie make sure rare stuff is in locked chests and don’t stay offline too long that the locks lift, or hide your property well - or join a town so you’re protected!).

Note that if you yourself have been griefed you can ask the staff who did it - however, we will not roll it back. This may be useful for knowing if someone in your town is damaging peoples things so you can give them the boot.


Raiding is allowed

However, as with the above suggestion for griefing, it is asked that you don’t go overboard with it.

For example if you break into someones farm, maybe don’t take every single crop so that they have something to replant from (or don’t break the pumpkin/melon stems etc…). The same applies for animals - maybe leave them a couple of them so they can breed them to get their farm back in working order.

Again - this is only what we ask of our players to keep the game enjoyable for those being griefed/raided - It’s not fun to come back to all of your stuff being destroyed (this is not a Factions server). This is not enforced however as this is a major aspect of Vanilla gameplay.

Server Rules

Rule 1:

Be Respectful

This basically boils down to:

We also encourage users to try and be helpful, friendly and sociable - particularly to players new to our server - though these qualities are not enforced.

Rule 1a:

Chat Rules

Rule 2:

No Harassment

Harassment can be defined as sexually, emotionally, physically, or verbally abusing another player.

This can be anywhere from insulting a player, abusing PVP, or making strange sexual remarks towards the player. Please also be aware that just because you might find something acceptable to do/say in your own circle of friends in real life does not mean that it is acceptable when speaking to people online who do not know you or what you are or are not being serious about.

Rule 2a:

PvP Harassment

There is a fine line between a bit of PvP and harassment that is easy to cross if you get carried away. For example these would definitely fall under harrassment and are not allowed:

In general, as stated at the top of the page, just use some common sense. PVP is allowed but don’t go overboard and cause problems with it. It is also asked not to annoy new players by hunting them down - there’s no benefit to it anyway (they’re immune to pvp for 48 hours when they join, they won’t have decent loot yet, and they don’t drop their head in PvP deaths until level 15).

Rule 3:

Keep the Environment Nice

In general keep as much of your resource gathering in the Resource worlds, /resources (and it’s Nether and End dimensions), not the Survival world (and it’s Nether dimension). Only dig large areas out in the Survival world if you plan on building in that area specifically - resource gathering and job grinding should be kept to the Resource world.

Rule 4:

Auto and Super Farming

This is a very grey area, but generally having automatic resource gathering mechanisms is allowed so long as:

Tree farms are also limited. In general they are fine as long as they are not above a large hopper setup for transferring the items as hoppers are also a common cause of lag when used in excess.

It should also be noted that any mechanism that you use while AFK are prohibited from the server, such as slides that push you around with water to bump your acrobatics, AFK fish farming or any other bug/glitch/unintentional feature (whether it is caused by Minecraft itself or a plugin we have added). This includes going AFK near automated farms to keep them active in loaded chunks while you’re not actually playing on the server.

Note:: No farm should have an extreme amount of a single crop/animal either - when you start to approach 1000 of a single crop type, or 150 of any animal, it is starting to take the piss. Keep farms to a reasonable size. This applies to all animals/harvestables.

As with all server rules - just because it is not explicitly stated here does not mean it is/isn’t okay. Use some common sense when comparing to the rules that are listed and/or ask the staff to be sure!

Rule 5

Mob Farms or Grinders

In general only the following are allowed:

An idea of what kinds of mob farms are not allowed:

These are mostly due to them being way too efficient at gaining jobs xp/money, mcrpg xp and MD loot - if you can spend an hour at them and gain more than a player without access to the farm can get in even a week, it’s not acceptable or fair (this does not mean giving public access makes it fair - nobody should be able to gain that much that quick). As with the auto-farms above, it should also be noted that any mechanism that you use while AFK are prohibited from the server, such as slides that push you around with water to bump your acrobatics, AFK fish farming or any other bug/glitch/unintentional feature (whether it is caused by Minecraft itself or a plugin we have added). This includes going AFK near spawners or dark rooms to build up an excessive amount of mobs at once.

As always, use some common sense. Just because something is doable in Vanilla does not make it okay in a multiplayer/server scenario - if you can get a lot from doing literally nothing once it’s set up - it’s likely not okay. Check with staff first.

Rule 6:

Client Mods

Any form of client mod (or “hack”) that allows any form of unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

Note that this is NOT a complete list - just because something is not listed does not mean it is allowed - check with the staff first.

An idea of some client mods that are allowed:

If a mod is not on this list that you wish to use and believe may be okay, ask an admin/owner first to make sure it is allowed.

This rule also applies to doing ANYTHING with the intention of crashing the server, or another players client, or causing damage to the server itself. We have protections in place to stop the majority of this but if we find what we know to be an item made for this purpose you will be banned - whether it worked or not - and will not have an appeal posted.

Rule 7:

No Alt Accounts

There is seriously no need/reason/point to having an alt account unless you use one for development purposes. Which you will never need to on another persons server.

This extends to the use of Bots - regardless of what they are for/do, they are not a server feature and are not welcome on the server.

Rule 8:

No Bug or Exploit Abuse

If you come across something broken/not working as expected and it can be used to gain an unfair advantage over other players - such as duplication bugs, invincibility glitches etc… - report it to the staff team by using the /bug command ASAP so it can be fixed!

Once reported the bug/glitch should be avoided until it has been patched/fixed. Abuse of any bug/glitch will result in punishments. If something you “can do in Vanilla” allows for you to gain an excessive amount of items faster than you should be able to, or access to an area you shouldn’t have access to etc… it is an exploit. Whether it’s doable in Vanilla does not change this - abuse the exploits and you will be punished for doing so.

Staff Warnings

Just because it is not on this list does not mean the staff can’t warn you for it, there will be times where a rule isn’t posted on here, you do whatever isnt posted and the staff team deems it inappropriate and for this you will receive a warning. Should you continue this act you will be punished further whether that be kicks, mutes or a ban.

By all means if you are warned for something that is not posted in the rules and you find it ridiculous, you may speak to an Owner/Admin.

Unnecessary arguing with staff members is prohibited.

Don’t get us wrong you can hate/dislike a staff member if you want to, but once they have made a decision you must either respect that decision or go to an Owner/Admin about the staff member in question. At the end of the day the staff are not there to be liked, they are there to uphold the server rules and keep the server a fun and fair place for all players to enjoy themselves.

General Punishment Guidelines

These are only a rough idea of expected punishments for rule breaking - ultimately it is situational and down to the staff that deals with the issue.

It should also be noted that breaking one rule and getting a minor punishment such as a warning/mute etc.. will count against you when future punishments are considered/given out. If you continue to toe the line for harrassment for example you will then be more likely to be straight up banned rather than warned for a minor offense later on.

Rule 1/1a: Being Respectful/Chat Rules:

Instances that will always result in a permanent ban without appeal:

The Staff Policy on Other Forms of Media

The moderation team will not act on any forms of hate/problems outside of LC related media. If the issue in question happened anywhere outside of the server, discord or forums, it is not our responsibility and please do not bring it over to LC!