Server Reset

The poll on whether the reset happens or not, and when if so, has ended! The results were pretty one sides in favour of a reset (6 against to 25 for the reset) and the votes for the reset were in favour of a reset for 1.16, making it sooner rather than later (which from my end, is better).

This means that the likely time frame for the reset to happen is August/September 2020. It may be later than this if plugins take too long updating, but at the very earliest it will be August.

A couple of things to note for LC2 prior to the reset:

There is still plenty of time with the server as it is, and any builds you want to continue with in Creative or have a schematic sent to you for use on singleplayer or whatever can be sorted post-reset (the current server will be launched separately so you can go on and ticket any builds you need a schematic for) but they won’t be carried over to the new Survival.

Also - as we’ve had the same spawn for a long while… If someone wants to apply for Builder so when we get to reset times a new spawn could be built…. Please feel free ;) Apply HERE!

Why is a Reset Happening?

The server has stagnated. No server can remain the same forever, same as no server can just endlessly keep adding more and more to the server - it causes issues long-term. We are at a point where we have had essentially the same core features and how they work and the same rules for 3 different servers (ATC/LC1/LC2), it’s time for a change. This doesn’t mean a completely different server - a lot of what we have now would remain because it’s fun and works well overall - but we have a lot we don’t need, a fair few things that aren’t even close to “Survival” when that’s the main theme of the server, and it’s become way too easy to get all of the stuff and run out of things to do.

As it is if the server is not reworked it will get to a point of only being online because donations are allowing it to be, and once they run out bam bye bye LC - again. Not only because new players are no longer a thing (literally maybe 1 in every 70-odd that joins right now is actually staying on and of those that are staying on not that many are staying long-term) and eventually the donations will dry up as we cannot expect the same people to continuously contribute forever… - but also because I physically can’t just keep adding things to the server without causing issues, everything I add right now ends up conflicting with something else because of how much there is, the number of issues has started to rise considerably because of how much there is on the server that just one plugin update can mess with (and I also have very little time to manage it as how busy work is has also skyrocketed in the last few months) and it’s getting to the point where I will end up just leaving the server exactly as it is including not updating plugins for bug fixes because the chances of it breaking is too high.

A rework means we can remove a load of the bloat and if/when we add more post-reset we can stick to it being more themed towards Survival and/or adding difficulty or endgame stuff for those that do want to grind their life away on the server so they still have things to do etc.. This also means the chances of things breaking are lower because there’s less on the server to cause issues, which means I’m also not having a mental breakdown every time something decides to shit itself, which then eats into my desire to even run the server (don’t worry, I’m nowhere near the point of saying fuck it… yet.). Reworking the server however is not really doable if we carry peoples things over - whether that be items, skill evels, player levels, builds etc… if we’re going to do a rework it should be a level playing field from the start (partly because it makes no sense to keep those things, partly because some of the changes likely wouldn’t work for players who already have X levels or X skills).

I’ll keep a note of the changes that the reset will come with on this page.

Please note that these are open for discussion and may be changed if a valid reason is given for it to be changed prior to the reset - if you suggest a change and I say no it’s because it’s either not doable without causing issues (whether that be server performance issues or issues with features) or doesn’t make sense for the set up we are going for. Chances are I’ll have considered a number of things you may suggest already as well - if I say no quickly that is likely why. As such please do not take what is written on this page as this is 100% what will happen on the reset, as it may not be.

If nobody questions it however, it’ll likely go through as listed on here - so if you want to make suggestions, drop them in the #server-reset-discussion channel on our Discord!.

Polls Open For Voting On

Due to how McRPG handles brewing for its Sorcery skill, because of how limited and awkward the brewing stand API is (the way mcMMO handled it was ridiculous and not good by any means from a backend perspective), they have to override the brewing stand GUI with a custom one. While this works remarkably well, and allows not only for the potions that the Sorcery skill adds by default but also allows me to add custom potions (not brews, proper potions) if/when I want to (chances I will want to are slim but it’s nice to have the option), it does interfere with the Brewery plugins distilling feature as that requires a brewing stand… and doesn’t work with the McRPG brewing GUI.

As such we need to decide whether to disable Sorcery (which will remove the skill entirely - no new potions, none of the Sorcery abilities, nothing - but it will return the Vanilla brewing GUI), remove Brewery or just tweak the Brews that currently require being distilled so they have either a longer brew time or require more aging as a compromise.

Polls That Ended - The Results?

Plugins/Features Being Removed (that aren’t listed specifically in the list of things I’ve already configured further down the page)

Things Up For Being Changed/Replaced But Not Removed (or not entirely) In The Reset (as things are configured and listed firther down the page I’ll remove them from this list)

Things That Will Still Be There In One Form Or Another But Will Be Reset

Things That Will Carry Over

Players will also be allowed to carry over a single chest worth of decorative items. This can be any form of player/mob/decorative head (including event/build competition heads), banners, dragon eggs or maps (so yes, you can keep your munuke-maps)! When the reset is coming up I’ll put a note up to stick what you want to keep in a chest and ticket it so I can copy them over! Costumes that you take over to LC3 will also still retain their skin-altering ability!

Changes To Server Rules Post-Reset

These are more or less going ahead unless anyone has any MAJOR issue with them, and I mean major.

RE: Reasonable sized dark rooms - You need to use some common sense for that realistically but if it’s large enough to be spawning hundreds of mobs in a very short time, it’s not allowed, and if it requires digging out an area across multiple chunks just for the dark rooms… not allowed (keep it at a reasonable size - ie not 200 blocks wide and 4+ layers high).

Things Planned to be Added

Tweaks and Changes I’ve Configured Ready for the Reset

Also installed and set up 3 new plugins:

Wiki Page Updates For The Reset

I’ll go through the wiki here and there and make a secondary page for updated info when needed so I can copy them straight over when the reset happens, and list them here so you can see changes.


This means I can start testing plugins on Spigot 1.16 to see what is completely borked and we need to wait for before we can continue towards the reset (as all plugins need to be updated and usable before I can finish a load of stuff I need to do/change before the reset - so them being ready is the next stage, not the last stage as it would be for a straight up update not a reset).

So - I have set up a second test server (the first is what I’ve been doing all of the above changes on and until 1.16 is ready to actually update to it’ll stay on 1.15.2) just to run the plugins on Spigot 1.16.1 so I can keep an eye on what we’re waiting on. For now bare in mind this is just going by the console output during startup for now, so a plugin that isn’t listed below may still need updating for 1.16, I just haven’t had a mess on the server to check just yet because… time.

Anything not listed has either already updated for 1.16 support, has marked their latest version as working fine on 1.16 or while it hasn’t explicity updated for 1.16 it loads okay so may be fine (prior to proper testing). Didn’t see the point in listing EVERY DAMN PLUGIN - you only really need to know what we’re waiting on. When the plugins are mostly all in the likely good to go section I’ll update the Reset Test server to 1.16.* and get testing for any problems when doing stuff ingame, and can then start updating a number of things for 1.16-related stuff (mostly skripts, as Skript will then know wtf I’m telling it to check for…).