Server Ranks

Each player has two ladders they can climb on the server - their server rank and their player level!

The server ranks that you can work towards or apply for are as follows:

Non-Staff Ranks:


General players have this and get general commands etc..


This rank is given to those who have been on the server for a while and the Owner and Staff trust not to cause any problems on the server. This does not mean that just because you have been on the server for a long time that you will get this rank.

Who gets this rank is entirely up to the staff and who they trust not to be a pain - That said, if you do not have Trusted that does not mean we don’t view you as trustworthy. Players tend to be added to the rank in waves every once in a while, getting trusted is not a regular thing!

If you get this rank you will gain these benefits:


This is the rank you receive when you donate to the server in the General Donations section on the Donation Store (not the custom donation package). Having this rank gives you these benefits:

Staff Ranks:


This rank is given to those who help with building on the server, such as building the spawn or helping to build for development projects etc…

You can apply to be a builder in the Staff Applications section of the forums - include images of previous builds in the post (either as a direct link or the image itself). Note that we only add to the builder team if and when we need more builders to help out on the server, and the player must be trustworthy to gain it - Putting an application up makes you eligible to be chosen at that time. We do not give the rank out otherwise, as having this rank gives you access to the Staff world, up to 3 Creative plots and some commands that we would not allow untrustworthy players to have.


This is essentially a senior-builder rank for those that have been part of the team for longer or that we trust with wider access on the server (such as WorldEdit access in normal player worlds that we trust they won’t abuse for their own purposes).


You can apply to be a Mod in the Staff Applications section of the forums. Mods have the ability to fly (not in/for PvP), use god/instantTP/vanish/back/mute/ban/kick etc… among other things (for mod duties only) and their job is to uphold the rules on the server.

Being a mod has a lot of extra rules to go along with it, regarding power abuse. As with Builder, we only add to the staff ranks when we need more staff and the player must be trusted not to abuse their added abilities. Putting an application up makes you eligible to be chosen at that time.

Senior Mod

This rank is given to players who have been a Mod for a while and have proven that they are both trustworthy enough to have added abilities and that they can and will uphold the rules correctly. This rank cannot be given straight out, it must be earned by someone who has already gained the Mod rank.


This rank is the top rank on the server (besides Owner), and acts as the head of the moderation team. Anybody with this rank is the also part of the team that will help to develop new features for the server and help resolve bugs/issues on the server.

This rank cannot be applied for - it is granted to trustworthy players who have been helpful enough to have earned it, and that have shown an interest in it. This rank is extremely hard to get however - the role requires dedication, responsibility and technical skill, so it is not given out lightly.


Burnts rank. Nobody else gets - He’s greedy.