Money and Jobs

To check your own balance use /balance, /bal or /money (add another player name after to check theirs, eg: /bal BurntValentine). To give money to another player use /pay [player] [amount].


Please note that Jobs are always undergoing tweaks/changes to try and make them more balanced for all players on the server and so not everyone is always using the same job because it earns more (which is a fallacy anyway, it depends entirely on what you want to grind and level up). However these will mostly be tweaks to the money and XP values for the jobs, rather than changes to the jobs themselves.

Any changes to the jobs themselves, such as adding/removing jobs or what they allow you to earn for doing, will be posted on the Discord/Forums prior to it happening!

The easiest way to make money on the server is to get a couple of jobs so that you earn money whilst playing on the server! You can join up to 2 jobs at a time. Please note that if you leave one and join another the old job is reset to level 1!

Some jobs should be looked at as a ‘Main’ job - those that are generally the more common actions and/or are the most farmable (Digger, Miner, Woodcutter, Farmer, Hunter, WitchHunter, Fisherman) - and some other jobs should generally be seen as a ‘Secondary’ job as they are not what you will likely be doing most of the time but they likely compliment another job. For example:

Handyman could work in either aspect as a main or a secondary job as it fills in gaps the other jobs (mostly) lack..

Which job is the best is entirely down to what you are doing on the server - don’t just ask people what earns the most money as their responses are also entirely down to their own jobs and what they’ve put time into. If they have only ever gotten Miner to a higher level they’ll say Miner and that other jobs aren’t worthwhile, when in reality if you put the effort into any of the jobs they will pay out just as well as each other in the long run. As a general rule when picking jobs what we would advise you to do is think about what you enjoy doing the most on the server and don't mind grinding, or pick a main job and keep the secondary to reflect what you're actively doing on the server at the time.

Planning a player shop around what you will be gaining/making via your jobs - particularly if it’s stuff nobody else or not many others have shops for - would also be a good idea.

Job Commands

To view the available jobs ingame do /jobs browse and then /jobs info [job name] to see what you get paid for by that job! To join a job /jobs join [job] To leave a job use /jobs leave [job] To check your stats, and how much job exp you need to get to the next job level use /jobs stats (when you are in a job /jobs info [job] will be updated for the prices you get at your job level!).

Index of the Available Jobs:


The Handyman is the ‘average at a lot of things’, ‘good at nothing in particular’ kind of job - it will pay you for a wider range of things than other jobs but with a lower income compared to any other job that’s had the same effort put into them to level them up. This job pays for:

However you will also lose a small amount of income/job XP when:


The Cook will receive an income for cooking! This job pays for:


Blacksmiths will receive an income for crafting weapons and armour, and making the materials needed for them! This jobs pays for:


Woodcutter will receive an income for deforestation! Down with the jungles! This job pays for:

This job will, however, also deduct a small amount of pay for:


The Diggers will receive an income for playing in the dirt! This job pays for:

This job will, however, also deduct a small amount of pay for:


Miners receive an income for bringing in the raw minerals and gems! This job pays for:

This job will, however, also deduct a small amount of pay for:


Farmers receive an income for sowing their seeds and bringing in the harvest! This job pays for:

This job will, however, also deduct a small amount of pay for:


Hunters receive an income for hunting some of the nasties of the world! This job pays for:

Witch Hunter

WitchHunters receive an income for hunting the mobs that Hunters generally steer clear of! This job pays for:


Fisherman are paid for playing with their rod and tackle! This job pays for:

This job will, however, also deduct a small amount of pay for:


Brewers receive an income for standing around a cauldron cacking into the coloured smoke plumes! This job pays for:


Enchanters are paid for using their enchantment tables! This job pays for:

Jobs Titles

Each Job will unlock a new title for use in the ingame chat when you hit level 50 and 100 - you will keep the titles you unlock if you leave the job! The titles they will give you are as follows:

Job Level 50 Title Level 100 Title
Handyman Handyman Generalist
Cook Baker Chef
Blacksmith Armorer Forger
Woodcutter Woodchuck Lumberjack
Digger Mole Excavator
Miner Prospector Spelunker
Farmer Shepherd Ranger
Hunter Squire Knight
WitchHunter Templar Crusader
Fisherman Sailor Angler
Brewer Sage Alchemist
Enchanter Mystic Philosopher