Locking your valuables

On LegionCraft we use LWC for block protection.

Nothing will lock automatically - this is a grief-and-raiding-allowed server, so if you want to protect some valuables you need to make sure you lock them! Anything locked will be unbreakable/lootable to anybody but the player that locked them (they can be raided by people you give access to specifically) - however locks are not permanent. If you are not online for more than 28 days all of your locks will lift and your stuff becomes fair game for greifers/looters again - The only way to guarantee protection for things long term is to have a town with adequate funds to keep it alive!

The following can be locked:

To lock any of the above simply do /lock and punch the block. Some useful commands for locks:

You can also give/remove access to everything you have locked via: