Each player has two ladders they can climb on the server - their server rank and their player level!

There are 100 player levels that you can advance through using your ingame balance, which can be earned through use of your jobs! Each level costs a set amount to rank up to (you can’t skip levels by paying an excess) with the /rankup command, which will tell you how much you need if you do not yet have enough to rank up! The perks you gain along the way are:

Level Cost Perks Titles
1 Free Ability to use Safari Nets on: Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Pigs, Bats and Rabbits & ability to have up to 20 player shops. Visitor, Commoner, Peasant
2 $2000   Villager
3 $3500   Outlaw, Bandit
4 $5000   Fugitive, Rogue
5 $6500 Portable workbench Magician, Mage
6 $8000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Mushroom Cows, Squid, Horses, Mules and Donkeys. Ruffian, Sellsword
7 $10000   Warlock
8 $12500   Druid
9 $15000   Wizard, Witch
10 $17500 1 Extra Heart & Drop your own head in PvP Knave
11 $20000   Scout, Archer
12 $22500 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Zombies, Spiders and Cave Spiders. Recruit, Private
13 $25000   Ensign
14 $27500   Bard
15 $30000 9 Slot Backpack & First set of Bow Effects (This level gets rocket, critical, critical2, potion and redstone) Deckhand, Swabbie
16 $35000   Merchant
17 $40000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Wolves, Ocelots, Cats and Bees Sleuth, Detective
18 $45000 A fourth /sethome! Jester, Performer
19 $50000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Skeletons, Guardians, Polar Bears and Zombie Pigmen. Herald
20 $57500 2 Extra Hearts, Ability to toggle The Combiner & ability to have up to 30 player shops. Noble
21 $65000   Officer, Airman
22 $72500   Engineer, Blacksmith
23 $80000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Pandas and Foxes Lieutenant
24 $87500   Huntsman, Mercenary
25 $95000 Hats & Second set of Bow Particles (This level gets music, ender, witch, anger and spit) Diver
26 $100000   Viking
27 $120000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Slimes, Magma Cubes, Endermites and Silverfish. Butler, Maid
28 $140000 Ability to open Shulker Boxes in your hand by shift right clicking with them! Sprite
29 $160000   Corsair, Buccaneer
30 $180000 18 slot backpack and 3 Extra Hearts Major, Commander
31 $200000   Maiden
32 $220000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Dolphins and Turtles. Captain,Cap’n
33 $240000 A fifth /sethome! Father, Mother
34 $260000   Priest, Priestess
35 $280000 Ability to use Silk Touch on spawners & Access to the Item Magnet Disciple, Scholar
36 $300000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Creepers, Blazes, Witches, Endermen, Wither Skeletons and Shulkers. Lord, Lady
37 $340000   Viscount
38 $380000   Baron, Baroness
39 $420000   Forsaken, Rover
40 $460000 4 Extra Hearts, Third set of Bow Effects (This level gets burnt, dust, jelly, snowball and totem) & ability to have up to 40 player shops. Earl, Jarl
41 $500000   Marquis, Marquess
42 $550000   Puppet
43 $600000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Llamas, Trader Llamas Zombie/Skeleton Horses, Evokers, Vindicators and Vex. Brigadier, Colonel
44 $650000   Sniper
45 $700000 Flashlight ability Conjuror
46 $750000   Samurai
47 $800000 A sixth /sethome! Marshall
48 $850000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Drowned, Husks and Strays. Ninja
49 $900000   Magister, Prefect
50 $950000 5 Extra Hearts General
51 $1000000 Access to /feed (fully feeds your hunger bar) once per day & Bonus Bill’s monetary rewards will be 5x as much. Gnome, Harpy
52 $1000000   Professor
53 $1200000   Regent
54 $1200000   Paladin
55 $1400000 27 slot backpack Sultan, Pharaoh
56 $1400000   Assassin, Slayer
57 $1600000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Pillagers. Kaiser, Shogun
58 $1600000   Admiral
59 $1800000   Judge
60 $1800000 6 Extra Hearts, Fourth set of Bow Effects (This level gets poof, fire, lavadrips, water and droplets) & ability to have up to 50 player shops. Summoner
61 $2000000   Vampire, Zombie
62 $2000000 A seventh /sethome! Spirit
63 $2200000   Praetor
64 $2200000   Prince, Princess
65 $2400000 Items picked up will go into your backpack automatically when your inventory is full Consul
66 $2400000   Thane
67 $2600000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Ravagers. Pontiff
68 $2600000   Duke, Duchess
69 $2800000   Dragon, Wyvern
70 $2800000 7 Extra Hearts & Ability to toggle V.O.I.D. Champion
71 $3000000 Access to /feed (fully feeds your hunger bar) twice per day. Centurion
72 $3000000   Count, Countess
73 $3250000   Guardian, Protector
74 $3250000   Elder
75 $3500000 36 slot backpack King, Queen
76 $3500000   Dictator
77 $3750000 An eighth /sethome! Nephilim
78 $3750000 Ability to use Safari Nets on: Phantoms Demon
79 $4000000   Angel
80 $4000000 8 Extra Hearts & Fifth set of Bow Effects (This level gets sparkle, cupid, molten, boom and nether) Emperor, Empress
81 $4500000 Access to use /feed (fully feeds your hunger bar) three times per day. Phoenix, Titan, Hydra, Sylph
82 $4500000   Alpha
83 $5000000 Access to /back to go back to your last location (note that this is your last Teleport location - to go back to where you died you will require a DeathPoint Ticket). Note that this may NOT be used for PvP purposes. Shadow, Dark
84 $5000000   Beta
85 $5500000   Nightmare, Reaper
86 $5500000   Gamma
87 $6000000 9 Extra Hearts Ballista, Berserker
88 $6000000   Delta
89 $7000000   Shield Master, Shield Maiden
90 $7000000   Omega
91 $8000000 Access to /heal (fully feeds your hunger bar and heals your health) once per day. Daeva, ArchFiend
92 $8000000 A ninth, final /sethome! Esper
93 $9000000   Spectre, Revenant
94 $10000000 Access to /fly to toggle creative fly when in Survival. Note that this may NOT be used for accessing other players build areas or for PvP. Lifeless, Zombified
95 $12000000 45 slot backpack Saint
96 $14000000   Risen, Necromancer
97 $16000000   Warden
98 $18000000   Celestial
99 $20000000   Burnt, Valentine
100 $25000000 10/Max Extra Hearts & Final Bow Effects (This level gets rainbow and legion) Legionnaire

For all heart increases you need to relog when you go up to that level to load the changes!

You can double check the cost to rank up, and perks/titles gained at any level with the /levelinfo command ingame!


Portable Workbench

/wbench (Note that /wb and /workbench will not work due to other plugins on the server).


/bp or /backpack

Note that items in your backpack do not drop when you die.

Bow Effects:

/bowmenu to list the effects you have unlocked, choose which to use and/or toggle them on/off!


/hat to put the item/block in your hand on your head as a helmet. Note that not all items/blocks are visible on your head, and your helmet is removed for this (you can take it off the same as any helmet).

The Combiner

/combine to toggle this on/off (You can do this through the /util menu too).

When enabled this will cause any Glowstone, Redstone, Quartz, Lapis, Iron/Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds, Iron/Gold Nuggets or Coal you pick up to automatically be converted into their respective blocks (or ingots for the nuggets) as you pick them up!

The Item Magnet

/magnet on|off to toggle the magnet (You can do this through the /util menu too).

When enabled this will cause any item drops within 8 blocks of you to fly towards you - This can be used alongside the Combiner and VOID perks!


/fl or /flashlight to toggle night vision on/off.


/void will bring up a menu where you can toggle the feature on/off (with the top icon) and enable/disable which of the 9 items it can destroy you want it to:


For example in the above image VOID is enabled, and will delete any Dirt, Cobblestone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Red Sand, Sandstone, Gravel and Netherrack I pick up - but will let me collect Stone and Sand.

Chat Titles

You will get new titles as you go up the levels, which you can select/change/disable via the GUI brought up with /titles! A full list of the titles currently added through your player levels can be found here!