Jump Pads

These are pressure plates that when set up will launch people who walk onto them, at varied powers/angles/directions depending on how you set them up!

These will unlock for you to be able to create at level 38!


All particles will be listed when you do /jp set particle but not all work that well so::

Other particles have issues with staying on the actual pad, and either fly off for a long distance or are extremely annoying - you can use other options if you wish but be sensible. Particles that fly off for a very long distance should be avoided.

To remove it simply break the pressure plate, or look at it and do /jp delete.

The only options that we will explicitly state are **NOT** permitted to be used, and reports of them being used and left on to annoy people will receive warnings for, are:

Gravity Tubes

These are pillars of particles that provide a gravity-free lift for players that walk into them - To drop when you’re in a tube just crouch!

These will also unlock for you to create at level 26, however - these unlock in stages when it comes to how high you can set them to go! Level 26 - Up to 10 blocks Level 36 - Up to 20 blocks Level 46 - Up to 30 blocks Level 61 - Up to 40 blocks Level 76+ - Up to 50 blocks


To remove it simply break the block, or look at the block it’s set to and do /gt delete.