You will notice that a blackstone wall with some particles around it will spawn within a 5 block radius of where you died, either where there is air, water or lava to replace - This is your grave. Your items will be locked within for a short period of time. You will be given the co-ordinates of that block in your chat when you die and if you missed it you can do /grave to get the co-ords again, so you can find your way back!

How Much Does My Grave Save?

What is not saved? Experience - your XP will always drop as normal when you die.

What is saved? Everything.


Once you find the grave, click it to get your items back (You don’t need to break it as that takes a while with a fist, just click it!). If you do not have space in your inventory for those items (eg if you picked more up on the way back, or if you had a full inv + armour when you died) then the excess items will drop where the grave was (so be aware of this if you died by lava or a cactus etc…).

Other players will not be able to get the items out of your grave. However - there is a time limit until the grave will despawn and drop your items (15 minutes). If you die a second time then the previous grave will despawn as before also (You will be told in the chat if it despawns, either due to a second death or due to it timing out) and will drop the contents it had stored.

Note: There will be exceptions. For example, if you manage to kill yourself by suffocating in a 5x5x5 or larger pile of sand or gravel, and the grave cannot spawn, then your items will drop as normal and you will need to get back to them faster if those chunks are active to get them back (And again, if another player finds the dropped items first it is fair game). If you die in the End by falling into the void then the grave also may not spawn (or may spawn out of reach) - you will lose your items this way, this cannot be helped and will not be changed as it is Survival and the End is supposed to be harder and have more risks.

If this happens you will still be sent your death co-ordinates, and can check them with /ldeath instead of /grave.

There should always be the possibility of losing items on a Survival server. For this reason if anybody complains that they lost their items because of X when they died, or because of where they died - All they will be told, to be completely blunt, is tough.

Respawn Charges

When you die and respawn you will be charged a perecentage of your balance to respawn. How much you are charged depends on your /karma level:

To reiterate - a “Good” Karma will result in a decreased respawn charge, and a “Bad” Karma will result in an increased respawn charge.
Note - New players are exempt of these charges for 48 hours from the time they join the server.