Donation Perks and their Commands

You can purchase donations via our Donation Store at any time - when purchased you should receive anything they grant ingame within 20 minutes (if not let BurntValentine know!).

Table of Contents

As a quick run down so you don’t need to scroll down to find what you’re looking for:

Please Note:: These are donations - any donations go towards the upkeep of the server and any costs for future changes/additions etc… As such refunds are not applicable at any time. Please be 100% sure that you can afford to and that you have permission to if it is with somebody elses money before you donate!

General Donations

This section will allow you to make a donation without purchasing a specific ingame perk. You can donate either through the $5/10/20/50 packages or through the package that allows you to choose how much to donate ($1+)!

If you use the $5/10/20/50 packages and have not done so before you will also receive the Donator rank ingame as a thank you - this grants you the ability to:

NOTE: The custom donation amount package will not give the Donator rank.


Boosters are exactly what they sound like - Purchase a booster and activate it on the server to grant all players 1 hour of either double McRPG experience or double Jobs experience!

When you purchase any boosters they will be added to your personal pool and can be checked and used from the /boosters menu ingame! If there is already one active you can use another to add an hour onto the timer (and there can be a booster for each type active at the same time)!

When a booster is activated it will also be announced in the Discords #server-boosters channel!

Chat Colours

Here you can purchase either all chat colours or individual colours you wish to use. Any that you have purchased grant you the ability to select that colour through the /ccmenu ingame, which will change all of your ingame chat text to that colour! The middle option of the /ccmenu will also toggle these on or off.

The /ccmenu with all colours purchased would look like this (ignore the bottom 3 colours as these are staff only, they are not purchaseable):


Chat Titles

Somewhat self explanatory - they allow you to purchase a custom title for the ingame chat!

You can either purchase a single colour title, a title with up to 3 colour changes or a title with as many colour changes as you want! Note that these packages are limited to the & colour codes (&0-9/a-f, the &k-o formatting codes are not allowed).

There is also a package for Gradient Titles! This allows you to have any number of the & codes as with the Infinite package, but you can also use 1-4 Hex codes instead if you wish! This allows you to choose a fully custom single colour rather than be locked into the & colours, or you can have 2-4 colours spread through your title to make a gradient! Note that when using a gradient the more space between each colour of the gradient the better it looks - so shorter titles should stick to 2 colour gradients etc…

Each title is limited to 15 characters - this does not include the colour/hex codes or the space on the end (which is not required if you don’t want it, but it is what puts the gap between the title and your name in the chat - you could switch it to a dash or something too!).

There are also upgrade options so if you buy a single colour title today but later on decide you want it with multiple colours you can buy an upgrade!

Note: You can change the colour/s of the title at any time by contacting BetaBurnt! The package is for the word itself and the amount of colours you can use - to change the word or how many colours it can have you’d need to either buy a new title or an upgrade! You can view what titles you have and which package they are set to with /mytitles ingame!


Also somewhat self explanatory - they grant you the ability to disguise yourself as something else! There are different packages available for different sets of disguises - when you have purchased them you can use them via either /dis <diguise> or through the /disgui!

The packages available and what they give you are:

Package Name Disguises It Grants
Humanoid Package Enderman, Snowman, Iron Golem, Witch, Villager and Zombie Villager
Farmyard Package Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Mushroom Cow, Horse, Donkey and Mule
Nether/End Package Blaze, Magma Cube, Zombified Piglin, Endermite, Silverfish and Wither Skeleton
Hostile Package Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Creeper, Skeleton, Stray, Husk, Zombie, Spider, Cave Spider, Slime and Guardian
Non-Hostile Package Bat, Ocelot, Cat, Wolf, Polar Bear, Rabbit and Squid
1.11/1.12 Package Evoker, Vindicator, Illusioner, Vex, Parrot and Llama
1.13 Package Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, Tropical Fish, Turtle, Dolphin, Drowned and Phantom
1.14/1.15 Package Fox, Bee, Panda, Wandering Trader, Trader Llama, Pillager and Ravager
1.16 Package Piglin Brute, Piglin, Hoglin, Zoglin, Strider
Objects Package Boats, Minecarts, Item Drops, Falling Blocks, Ender Crystals and Shulker Bullets

There is also a Modifications Package which will allow you to set some specific modifications to the disguises you own. You can view a full list of the modifications each mob has access to on the page HERE.

You can also choose to purchase an individual disguise out of any of the above options - when purchased simply let BurntValentine know which one you want! All individual disguises come with that mobs specific modifications!


The Trails section of the store allows you to purchase various sets of trails that can be enabled/disabled through the /trails menu ingame. NOTE: I’m leaving the images of everything for Trails as links not putting them straight in because jesus…

You can also change the ‘mode’ the trails are set to as well between Default, Circle, Magician, Shooter and Pulse. Here are some screenshots of these modes as examples (using the Spark particle):

The modes also alter slightly depending on the particle used - for example if you check the screenshot of the Green particle it looks more like a halo than a spiral which most Circle mode particles look like!

These sets of trails, plus a quick screenshot of what they look like (in various modes) are as follows:

Colorful Trails Pack

Burnt Trails Pack

Magic Trails Pack

Misc Package 1

Misc Package 2

You can also purchase any of above trails individually - just let BurntValentine know which one you want!

There are also two specialist trail types - Rain and Wings! I’ll give an example of both but each has variations and can be edited in certain ways.





Death Flairs

Death Flairs are a particle effect triggered when you kill something! Each Flair particles, purchased either individually or all together, have 3 “modes” you can choose from to change them a little bit - Halo, Glimmer and Warp.

When set to the Halo mode the particles will appear above the head of the victim on death, when set to Glimmer they will appear in the area the victim died and when set to Warp they will appear around the location that the victim died. Each individual particle package on the donation store has a link to a small clip showing the particles used in all 3 modes!

When you have purchased at least one Flair you will be able to access the Flair menu ingame via /flair, which will open this menu:


The top three options are the modes, and the nametags are the various particles (if you have not purchased them yet they will show as locked) - with the active mode and particle option having an enchanted glow effect on the item in the GUI. The bottom center option is the global toggle, and the bottom right option is whether you want the particles to also show for mobs that came from spawners (the global toggle must be on for them to show at all, but if you turn this off it’ll only give flairs for non-spawner mobs).


You can read up on the Pets and Pet Packages HERE!


There are also a few donation options that do not fit into the above categories.

Chat Sounds

If you purchase this you can have a sound play to everyone on the server when you say a specific trigger in the ingame chat! As an example when BurntValentine says “Moo!” in the chat, you will hear a cow moo at you!

If other peoples chat sounds are getting annoying you can also toggle them off so you don’t hear them with either /chatsounds to turn on/off all chat sounds, or /chatsounds <player> to just toggle that one players sounds off!

Log In/Out Sounds

If you purchase this you can have a sound play to everyone on the server when you log in and out of the server!

You can toggle your own log in/out sound off with /tlsound to turn it on/off completely, or /tlsound <quit/join> to just turn it off for when you log in or out specifically.

If other peoples log in/out sounds are getting annoying, as with the chat sounds, you can toggle them off so you don’t hear them with either /logsounds to turn on/off all log in/out sounds, or /logsounds <player> to just toggle that one players sounds off!

Log In/Out Messages

Messages that play in the ingame chat when you log in/out of the server. This can be toggled on/off (both individually)!

Extra Creative Plot

If you build an extreme amount but don’t want to keep wiping your plot and losing old builds you an just buy another! Each purchase will add a new plot, up to a limit of 10 per person (though I doubt anybody would need 10 200x200 plots…).

Custom Brewery Recipe

You can purchase your own custom brew through the Donation Store! When you purchase this you will be sent a Google form to fill in with the information needed - once done let BurntValentine know and it will be added to the game!

The options you have when creating a brew are:

Monthly Donation Drive

In addition to the perks above that you will receive for donating to the server, as an extra thank you if we manage to cover the servers monthly costs just in donations for that month there is now also an additional reward!

Each month every paid for donations (ie not freebies that used coupon codes) will be added to and count towards the new Donation Drive goal - which is set at $75 currently (to cover the costs of the forums, donation store and the system the server runs on).

If that months goal of $75 is reached then a 12 hour Booster will drop on the 1st of the following month! Each month will rotate between whether this is a 12 hour Jobs XP Booster or a 12 Hour mcMMO XP Booster but if the goal was reached this will always drop at 6:30PM UK/Server time on the 1st of the following month!

A few notes regarding this: