New Items

You can find recipes for new items we have added to the server over on this page (so as not to make this page excessively large).

Table of Contents

As a quick run down so you don’t need to scroll down to find what you’re looking for:

All of these recipes are for Vanilla items that either lack a recipe in the current server version or their current recipes suck for one reason or another so we have tweaked them!

Shulker Boxes


Shulker boxes are way to easy to make once you get any End access, which on a multiplayer server is stupid as everybody ends up getting access to them very easily the moment a single player gets to the end.

As such we have tweaked the recipe a little - instead of being 1 chest and 2 shulker shells for a shulker box, it is 8 shells and a chest. This won’t make getting them too hard, but will make them a bit less common on the server as they should be (Mojang really never do think about things from an active public servers perspective… ever…).





Horse Armor

Iron Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor

Chainmail Armor

Chain Helmet Chain Chestplate Chain Leggings Chain Boots

Name Tag

Name Tag
Any type of sign may be used!



You can use any 6 of the same sapling to get their respective block of planks!



You can use any 3 of the same sapling to get 2 of their respective block of leaves!



Bone Blocks


There is a loss compared to Vanilla bonemeal > bone block, but less steps to make and less inventory space to mass produce bone blocks.

Tall Grass and Ferns

tgrass tfern

Coral Blocks

You can make your own coral blocks using Coral Fans and Coral - either like so, 1 coral and 4 stone replacing the coral with the type of block you want:


Or like so, 1 coral fan and 8 stone - again, replacing the fan with the type of block you want: coral2