Messaging and Chat

To private message another player use /msg [player name] [message] and /r [message] to reply to the last message you received! To send a message to a player who is offline use /mail send [player] [message]. To read your offline mail use /mail read and to clear them when you have read them use /mail clear.

To ignore a player who is annoying you use the command /ignore [player] - You will no longer see what they are saying in chat! Do it again to lift the ignore. To see the real username of a player with a nickname use /realname [nickname]. To see when a player was last online use /seen [player].

Party Chat

Before you use party chat, you must be in a party. You can create a party with /party create [party name] [password], or you can join a person’s party using /party join [party name] [password]. The passwords are optional, but can make your party safer by preventing players from joining without permission! You can also change the password of your party as the party leader by using /party password [password]. Other party commands can be seen with /party help.

To toggle party chat on and off, just use /pc or /party chat. You can also /pc [message] if you just want to send one message to the chat without toggling it. Party chat can only be viewed by members of your party, and appears as lime green text.

Town Chat

Town chat and nation chat allow for communication between players that are members of either your town or nation. To toggle town chat, simply use /tchat. For nation chat, use /nchat instead. Town chat will appear as cyan text, while nation chat will list your town before your name and use pink text.

Just like party chat, you can use /tchat [message] and /nchat [message] to send a message to those chats without toggling them!

To go back to global chat use /g or /g [message] to send a message to the global chat without moving to it!


Titles allow you to enable a chat prefix for your player, become a Knight, a Wizard or just a Peasant. Many titles are unlocked through levelling up, but others can be found in the wilds. You can view your unlocked titles, and change the one you are using, with /titles.