Brewery has been added! So what do you need to know?

Well first up it’s important to understand the advanced difficulty brewery will now have in comparison to vanilla brewery, but with that difficulty comes many new fascinating drinks. There are many steps in creating these new drinks and if one step is not perfectly done it can ruin the entire drink.

Step one involves brewing the ingredients you plan to use, while at first finding what ingredients to use is trial and error, eventually you’ll know enough recipes to become a master.


Currently recipe book drops are disabled due to needing to be manually made (there are a very large amount of drinks to make a book for each one… so it’s on the bench for now)

When this has been re-added you will be able to find recipe books that show you what ingredients to use, which will drop randomly from overworld hostile mobs.


To brew the ingredients you must:

  1. Place a Cauldron over a fire (Put netherrack under the fire to keep it going).
  2. Fill it with water.
  3. Add Ingredients by right clicking on the cauldron with them.
  4. Wait while they ferment - the optimal amount of minutes for the drink is listed as the ‘Brew Time’ in the recipe book.
  5. Extract with empty bottles when it is done!

To find out how long your ingredients have been brewing simply right click the cauldron with a clock in your hand.

Step two involves distilling the bottle the correct amount of times in a brewing stand.

To do so is simple:

  1. Put the fermented bottle in a brewing stand.
  2. Put a glowstone dust in the top of the brewing stand as a filter.

Some recipes require NO distilling

The final step - for some drinks - is ageing.

To age your drink you must first create ageing barrels - There are two types of barrels you can create.

Small Barrel

To make this you’ll need 8 wooden stairs and a sign.


Using the stairs make the above Then to finalize your barrel place a sign in the lower right corner with Barrel on the top line

The message “Barrel created” should appear if done correctly

Big Barrel

To build you’ll need 5 fences, 16 wooden stairs, 18 wood planks, a sign and have it be hollow inside.


You now need to attach a spigot (fence) and a sign that has “Barrel” written on the top line:

Message “Barrel created” should appear With a big barrel you can then remove the sign (for small barrels it must be left on).

The small barrel can be opened with a rightclick to the sign, for the big barrel click the spigot. Put your now distilled bottles in for aging and leave them there for the requested time, To know how long you must leave them in there open the barrel up and check the lore of the bottle.

Side Notes

You will be able to craft a lot of alcoholic beverages on the server but note that drinking too much will have a ton of negative side effects such as slurred ‘speech’, wandering off randomly and throwing up soulsand (you can’t pick it up, it’s just visual). That being said if you are drunk, eating bread or drinking milk can help you sober up but the best medicine is time.