Bonus Bill


Bonus Bill will be dishing out daily rewards for those who log in each day for a period of time! Starting from 24 hours from your initial log in, you will receive one reward from talking to him each day that you log in without missing a day! If you miss a day, or get all the way to day 28’s reward, the streak will reset the following day and start again!

When you right click on Bill, you will see a menu similar to this:


If you hover over the border blocks it will tell you a rough indication of long until your next item can be claimed (at which point you will also get a reminder in the ingame chat if you’re online) and the reward that is currently green can be claimed!


This also adds an extra level perk - At level 51 or above the money rewards you get from Bill will be 5x what they were up to level 50, and the chances of getting the non-guaranteed rewards goes up too!


There are also some other items scattered through the rewards - a few you will definitely get, and a few that you have a chance to get on that day!

The rewards you can get each day are as follows (you can do the 5x the money yourself…. or go to Bill and have a look on the menu!):

Days Money Items
1 $2500  
2 $4000  
3 $5500  
4 $7500 20/35% chance of getting a Lucky Hat (Unique Diamond Helm)
5 $9000  
6 $11000  
7 $13000 3 Golden Apples
8 $15000  
9 $17500  
10 $20000 20/35% chance of getting Lucky Boots (Unique Diamond Boots)
11 $22500  
12 $25000 20/35% chance of getting a bonus title (Lucky)
13 $27500  
14 $30000 5 DeathPoint Scrolls, 1 Totem of Undying
20/35% chance of getting a Mending Book
15 $30000  
16 $35000  
17 $35000  
18 $40000 20/35% chance of getting Lucky Leggings (Custom Diamond Leggings)
19 $40000  
20 $45000  
21 $45000 6 Golden Apples
22 $50000  
23 $50000  
24 $60000 20/35% chance of getting a Lucky Chestplate (Custom Diamond Chestplate)
25 $70000  
26 $80000 20/35% chance of getting a bonus title (Golden)
27 $90000  
28 $100000 10 DeathPoint Scrolls, 3x Enchanted Apples and 2 Totems of Undying
20/35% chance of getting a Mending Book

Note that each reward must be claimed before the next unlocks - For example if your day 3 reward is not claimed before day 4 is unlocked you will not be able to claim day 3 until your next reset! Any chance rewards - so the titles and armour pieces - will be announced in the chat when you do get them so make sure to keep an eye out!

Your streaks time will start from your first log into the server! The first reward unlocks after 24 hours!